Tyler Wentworth Dolls

Tyler Wentworth was created in 1999, by the fabulous Robert Tonner. The debut of the Tyler Wentworth Collection displayed the contemporary classic look that would become its distinguishing hallmark.

The Chic sportswear, elegant suits , luxurious coats, glamorous cocktail dresses and sumptuous gowns clearly demonstrated that here, finally, was a designer for today’s woman.

Tyler Wentworth® is a 16-inch, vinyl/hard plastic doll with rooted hair and an extensive, stylish wardrobe.  Her friends Sydney Chase, Angelina, Esmé and Kit join Tyler.  Since 1999, Tyler has had many other characters introduced to her world such as the exciting ladies of the Chase Modeling Agency, Mei Li of Aurora Cosmetics, and let’s not forget the gentlemen, Tyler’s beau, Matt O’Neill, his younger brother Sean O’Neill, and Matt’s best friend Russell Williams.

Tyler & Her friends are now retired dolls, but still as popular as ever!

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